Building the Science Lab

There have been a significant number of bugs with the Alternative PHP Cache (APC) over the past year, causing me to pass over PHP updates for fear of segfaults, however that has finally come to an end. APC is still just as buggy, but PHP 5.5 will be bringing Zend OPCache to the core, so I’ve decided to transition early and configure the PECL package. As Zend OPCache does not come with a User Cache, I decided to set up Memcache on the Ambrose University College Drupal website, and was seeing benchmarks of around 65 requests per second (up from 30-35 req/sec with APC only).

As APCu (userland caching) continues to branch from the crusty old APC branch, and the old APC Opcaching code is remove, I’ll be running a few tests to see whether APCu can bring more to the table than Memcache can, as I have no need for the distributed functionality that Memcache provides.