Spenser Jones

New Muhstik Botnet Attacks Target Tomato Routers

Muhstik is a malware that originally started as a variant of the QNAPCrypt ransomware in October 2019, and was later outfitted with additional attacks for bruteforcing SSH, Wordpress and Drupal credentials, and a few other tools. Exploited devices will join a botnet that is used to attack other devices and run cryptocurrency mining and DDoS attacks. Most recently, it has been taught to attack publicly accessible Tomato routers.

Tomato is an open-source alternative firmware for routers, similar to DD-WRT, that allows users to replace their router's default firmware with a more powerful and customizable OS. According to Shodan, there are more than 4,600 Tomato routers and NAS devices that are exposed on the internet, many of which may be using the default Tomato credentials of "admin:admin" and "admin:root"

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